Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bobbi Brown Make-Up Review

I recently needed to change up my make up, so I headed to the Bobbi Brown counter!
I bought the Bobbi Brown foundation stick , sheer finish loose powder and bronzing powder .

Starting with Bobbi's foundation stick, (which is her personal favorite) it is a life changer!
Not trying to sound dramatic but really this stuff is amazing.
It leaves a beautiful dewy look that I love and its easy to
control the amount of coverage you want!
Bobbi's foundation stick is perfect for summer, it covers well with out feeling like you are wearing a mask. But let's face it it's perfect any time of the year!

The sheer finish is a perfect compliment to the foundation stick, they kind of go like PB&J.
They are both great on their own but magical together..

Bobbi's bronzing powder is perfect for all year around it leaves a natural sun kissed glow.
I have a little dis coloration on my forehead and this bronzer takes care of it and evenly blends out my skin tone.

Final thoughts.... when I asked my husband what he thought of my make up he looked at me strangely and said "Are you even wearing any?" that ladies made my heart smile
 and that's how you know you are wearing the right make-up!

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