Thursday, May 23, 2013

Favorite Mascara + Eye Liner

  Today I want to share my favorite mascara + eye liner.
I'm sure you have all heard of Lancome's Hypnose 
Star mascara. Well I'm here to re-assure you it's great! 
I have heard of people saying it's a little tricky to use.
I tend to agree, I didn't like it at first but once
I actually figured it out it gave great results.
I know, you shouldn't have to "figure out" how to use
mascara but It's something about the brush that tends
to be a little tricky. Now, that Iv'e got it down I absolutely
adore this mascara and it gives me the results I want. 
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I just recently discovered L'Oreal Infallible Gel Liner. 
For a while I went back to using pencil liners,
I don't know why because I hate them, like
really hate them, unless I use them the bottom,
which I never do so yes I dislike them. However
I do love gel and liquid liners, they give you such a perfect clean finish and
the possibilities are endless! So there I was pacing the isle 
of the drug store's make up section. After a few debates (in my head of course) 
I grabbed L'Oreal's and  couldn't wait to try it. Let me tell you as soon as
put it one I instantly smiled. Ahhh it was perfect, it gave me an incredibly smooth line,
I mean perfection at best! Unlike Lancome's mascara it was so easy to  apply, 
I'd say less then 20 seconds! 
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  1. I've never tried any Lancome. I try new mascaras every now and then so I will have to keep this in mind!


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