Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Tips For A Comfortable Summer

Summer is here and the sun is shining down on us... hot hot and HOT!
Here are some tips I apply to my everyday life to help me be fashionable yet cool, and comfy!

  • Wear minimal make up- Tinted moisturizers are great for the summer, but make sure you use one with SPF in it! I love wearing just eye liner, mascara and then adding a gorgeous bright red lip.  
  • Hair up- This way you give your hair a break for heat but also save yourself we all know how hot hair around the neck can get! I love messy high buns  braided side bun fish tail braid 
  • Live in summer dresses- Bye Bye pants! I love dresses seriously I feel so pretty girly and most of all freeeee!!! Stock up on those pretty floral summer dresses you're gonna need them!
  • limit jewelry- We all love jewelry, it adds so much to an outfit! However it can get uncomfortable and hot so during the hot summer days don't stack your arm full of arm candy and layering on those necklaces!
  • Sandals- I wish we didn't have winters so I could wear sandals all year around. So comfy and or little toes can actually breathe in some air! 
I know these are very simple tips and I'm sure you all practice at least a few of them.
Which one do you religiously sport!?


  1. I tend to have bangs but during summer let them grow out and pin them to the side or in a French twist. I also love wearing skirts.


  2. Thanks for your comment!! I love love skirts too!

  3. These are great tips for the summer, simple and easy. Whats not to love :) & the ideas for the hair, great. can't wait to read more!

    xo. Kailagh

  4. Thanks for the Summer tips, Joy!!

    Lauren xx


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