Friday, June 21, 2013

Feature Friday: Cella Jane

I first discovered Rebecca's blog through good ole IG when I searched the hashtag #fashionblogger!
I instantly fell in love with her blog, she has amazing style and not to mention hair that every girl is jealous of.
I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to work with Rebecca, she's a great person who's beauty shines from the inside out. I can honestly say her blog is one of my favorite reads! 


Q : What is your favorite thing about blogging?
A : Being able to express myself and my love of fashion. It's my absolute passion and I enjoy being able to share that with Cella Jane readers. 

Q : Describe your style in three words.
A : Casual, unique and forever changing.

Q : What do you like to do for fun?
A : Spending time with friends and family, going out to eat at new places, entertaining at our house and traveling anywhere with my husband. 

Q : Give us your best fashion advice.
A : Take time the time to learn your style and what you feel best in and then just embellish in that. Trust your instinct and be confident! It doesn't matter what people say or think about what you're wearing. It's about how you feel in what you are wearing because nobody else is wearing it but you! 

Q : Tell us a random fact about you?
A : I have to have something sweet after every meal no matter how full I am. : )

Q : What is the secret to your fabulous hair?!
A : I get this question often so I did a blog post with all my best tips and tricks. The # 1 thing I suggest doing to keep your hair healthy is only using one form of heat on it at a time. So if you curl your hair every day, try letting it air dry before. If you have to blow dry your hair, try using a round brush to achieve your style, then you won't have to use a hot styling tool. Read all my tips HERE

For more of Becky check out Cella Jane! Thank you Rebecca  for sharing a little more about you with us! 

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