Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Date Night Colab With: Love Shelbey

I'm so excited for my first colab, and I'm so excited it's with Shelbey from Love Shelbey.
Her blog is full of fab things from make up to fashion, the thing that sets Shelby apart from most of us bloggers is that, she also has a YouTube channel! She makes it so easy to follow along with her make up tutorials. Today I will be showing how to style for a summer date, while Shelbey will show you the perfect fresh face make up look! 
Um.. how gorgeous is she?! CLICK HERE to find out how to achieve this make up look.

Want to know a secret I actually did wear this on a lunch date with my husband sure it wasn't at night but still 
counts right?? This outfit is more on the daring side for me.. Iv'e always wanted to try the bandeau skirt look,  finally I worked up the courage to do so. 
  • High low- Is perfect because it's so flirty, you get to show your legs but yet still have the comfort of a maxi! 
  • Bandeau- Show a little tummy with out showing too much, we all know sometimes less is best. 
  • Vest- Kudos to you if you feel confident and comfortable enough with out a vest, but for a more modest approach the vest is perfect for more coverage. Not only will it make you feel more comfortable but it adds that perfect touch . And remember you don't need to show it all. 


  1. Too cute! Love this look!

    1. thanks girl, means a lot coming from a fashionista like you!

  2. oh my, you are absolutely gorgeous! These pictures are amazing! I love the lighthouse in the background, where were these taken? If I lived somewhere like that, I'd probably hang out there everyday! Your outfit is adorable, and I'm really glad I found your blog today!

    Sunny with A Side of...
    PS new follower!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment it made my day! :) I followed back!

  3. Love it, Joy! My favorite outfit you've done by far!


    1. Thanks Shelbey!! Thank you for doing this colab with me!


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