Saturday, June 15, 2013

Favorite K-cup Recipe

Hi friends! It's unlike me to post on weekends but I'm playing catch up!
Today's post was suppose to be last weeks "Tasty Tuesday".
I just wanted to share what k-cup recipe I love the most, dun dun duuuuuuuun.....
Caramel Vanilla Cream

1 caramel cream cup
2 tsb sugar
french vanilla creamer
whip cream 

This is my little recipe I came up with and love it.. to be honest it taste more like a dessert!
Just yummy... when it comes to hot drinks I'm such a baby like big time! I always ALWAYS burn my tongue never fails... 
girl can't catch a break. In fact when I go to Starbucks I usually
ask for two cubes of ice. (insert embarrassed face) So I love the liquid creamers, 
I keep it in my fridge and when I add it to my coffee it gives it the perfect temperature.   
I love having this with Gouda Cheese + Raisin Bread for breakfast! 
Iv'e only had my Keurig for two months, it was a sweet wedding present...
Tell me your favorite K-cups and which ones you think I should try!


  1. I'm absolutely obsessed with my K-Cup and make concoctions like you too! Love it! Thanks for sharing! xo,


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